Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Ogden Strip-Club bites the dust?

One by one strip clubs are going away in Ogden. The city council passed a ridiculous law several years ago in which the 3 strip clubs at the time (Barebacks, The Lighthouse Lounge, and Northern Exposure) were in violation of. Barebacks went out of business a few years back and now the Lighthouse lounge is about to close. Workers and some patrons of the strip-club that has been in business since 1958 protested in front of Ogden's Municipal Building in hopes Mayor Godfrey and the City Council will reconsider (June 3rd article from Ogden Standard-Examiner). I've never been to this club but question why Mayor Godfrey and the City council of Ogden, Utah are so interested in getting rid of businesses they personally dislike. Not everyone in Utah is LDS and technically the Ogden strip-clubs aren't considered strip clubs in the sense of what other states call a strip club. A lot of out-of-state residents get a culture shock when they visit a strip club in Utah when they realize the differences. The ladies must wear pasties to cover their nipples and must wear at the minimum of a G-string to cover their genital region. There are no lap dances and the ladies must remain on stage at all times. I was looking at the comments left by some members of Ogden in the Standard-Examiner message board and couldn't believe that some people actually consider the workers to be prostitutes and clubs like this to be a brothel! If it were a brothel or the ladies engaged in prostitution, the city council wouldn't have to pass silly laws in order to shut down these places, prostitution and brothels are illegal in Utah and most other states. I've never been to The Lighthouse lounge but because I am opposed to Ogden's stupidity, I will pay tribute to this club and visit them before they close down. I was upset when Barebacks closed and from how it sounds the only strip club left in Ogden (Northern Exposure) may close soon as well. I can say that after a visit to the Lighthouse Lounge, I will not spend any additional money in Ogden, I'll have dinner in a neighboring city and leave Ogden as soon as I leave the club. If Ogden is going to ban anything they feel inappropriate, then they do not deserve my business. Of course Utah and cities like Ogden wonder why they have people going to neighboring cities or states to do business. A lot of activities are not available in Ogden so Ogden area residents have go to neighboring cities to enjoy these activities. If you want a good selection of bars, you are better off going to Salt Lake City since Ogden has only a handful of bars. In addition, Utah is a very controlling state so if you want to gamble, your only option is to drive to Wendover, Nevada (bordering Utah/Nevada) which is the closest Nevada Gambling town along the Wasatch Front (Las Vegas/Laughlin if you are in Southern Utah). If you would like to bet on horse racing, buy fireworks other than smoke bombs and snakes, or you would like some good quality beer that isn't overpriced or warm, Evanston, Wyoming is the place to go which sits on the Utah/Wyoming Border. If you want to buy lottery tickets, there isn't a lottery in Utah but, the bordering town of Malad, Idaho is bustling with Utah residents who wish to buy lottery tickets. The politicians who run Utah and the towns within Utah just don't get it. Most are LDS and it would be difficult for someone who was a non-member to get elected. The Utah politicians don't drink, gamble or go to strip clubs and want to get residents to live the same lifestyle that they enjoy. It's sad that yet another strip club will bite the dust in Ogden and I am glad I am not a resident of Ogden who pays taxes to the city council and Mayor Godfrey. I'm one of the many people who live in neighboring cities and would be willing to visit Ogden if they were to have something worth visiting Ogden for. I'll go to Salt Lake City and neighboring cites instead. I really hope the Lighthouse Lounge and Northern Exposure are able to survive but I am sure they will both be shut down. The good news for Ogden, Utah: people like me who enjoy strip clubs will not do business in your town any longer but will anyone come to Ogden to replace people like me. The Lighthouse Lounge will become yet another vacant building that litters the City of Ogden and the city council and Mayor Godfrey will try to figure out why people won't come to Ogden and come up with ideas such as a Gondola to Malan's peek thinking this will attract people to visit Ogden. The city will further decay and their gang problems will get worse. Sorry Godfrey, a stupid Gondola or any other gimmick won't convince me to visit your city. Why would I visit the boring town or Ogden when I can have fun in a neighboring city?